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I am writing on behalf of some of the residents of Ocean Gate which holds the distinction of housing the first municipally constructed wind turbine in New Jersey. Not only have our Mayor and Council sacrificed the quality of life of several blocks of residents, but they are also proceeding with a second turbine despite any evidence that the first is working to save any money.

Our turbine(s) are only 50KW and not the behemoths that are proposed in Sea Girt and Union Beach, but I invite you to visit whenever the turbine is running to gauge the noise level which some of us live with 24/7. The first turbine is about 275 feet from homes and the second will be even closer. Why has this happened? There was DEP stimulus money which, along with the BPU's backing, pushed this untried technology. Our Mayor, never one to shy away from publicity, became the face of green energy.

In addition in March, the turbine failed a night time noise test administered by the Ocean County Health Department. To date, there has been no repercussion from that failed test. In the first week of July, a DEP representative promised to look into the lack of response by the Health Department. Still nothing! I contend if I ran a leaf blower at night, there would be someone from some level of government forcing me to stop.

So that's where we stand. We have been ridiculed by the Mayor and Council and categorized as whiners and "NIMBYS". Notably, none of them live within earshot of the turbine or are exposed to one of the most insidious effects - the flicker. When the sun gets behind that sucker, residents nearby are exposed to a forced light show.

One of the closest neighbors has been diagnosed with vertigo. Another says that his sleep is disturbed not only by the noise but also by the anticipation of the noise as it may start and stop several times a night. A new mother had to purchase a white noise machine for the nursery. All of this in the name of green energy.

I understand that the residents surrounding the newly constructed turbine in Lewes Delaware are experiencing the same problems. They may have some additional experiences to help you in your battle.

We are not able to go forward without legal representation and maybe you have some ideas about where we can go for help. We can't even ask questions about the turbine at Council meetings. All questions must be submitted in writing to the Borough attorney who then formulates the answers at his leisure. They have been doing that since March - hiding behind the shield of possible litigation. No one from our group has even mentioned the word since we know we don't have legal representation. We think that the Mayor is considering suing a political opponent who criticized the construction in a letter which was defamatory. Have they been waiting five months to see if they are going to sue?

Good luck to you.
Rose Kindon
Ocean Gate, NJ