YOU MUST WATCH THIS! Appraiser Mike McCann lectures on home values impacted by wind turbines.
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There are a few studies claiming no negative impact on property values. They are mostly wind industry sponsored or draw on data from such studies. They mostly sample home prices within a 10 - 50 mile radius of turbines. Two such studies can be found on the BRSA's website.  We believe the large distances obscure the effect on homes within 2 miles of a turbine.  Below are a number of articles that take a contrary view, stating that there is a significant negative impact on home prices. We think this is common sense and folks within a couple of miles will lose tens of thousands of dollars in equity.  Some homes close by may become unsaleable.

Essential Reading: Several testimonies by appraiser Michael McCann on property value impacts
1) Adams County, IL
2) Cape Vincent, NY

2011 study Values in the Wind: A Hedonic Analysis of Wind Power Facilities by Clarkson economics professor, Dr. Martin Heintzelman 
Denmark's public policy regarding loss of value to real property due to wind turbines: "An erector of a wind turbine has a duty to pay compensation for loss of value..."
"Property value declines from 20 to 43 percent can be expected in parcels within two miles of turbine sites."
Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine: New Wind Farm Regulations Could Decrease Property Values
"Do Wind Projects Adversely Affect Proximate Residential Property Values?" A compilation of property value articles from John Droz.
A survey by a local realtor may have confirmed the worst suspicions of Stan Mundy, whose home is closest to Chevron’s wind farm northeast of Casper. 
Critics say wind turbines hurt land values. 
Michigan Wind Working Group - Impact of Wind Turbines on Property Values 
Property values blowing in the wind. 
Landowners say turbines have hurt their property values. 
A proposed 120-metre wind turbine would knock 50 per cent off the value of thousands of nearby homes. 
Wind farm property sells at sheriff’s sale. 
Huron County, Michigan map of proposed wind farms. Imagine if this was Monmouth or Ocean Counties. It could happen if we don't stop it now. 
Wind Farms, Residential Property Values and Rubber Rulers - This is a summary, there's a link to the full article at the bottom. 
This agreement was drafted by attorneys in Illinois. If adopted as a condition of approving a wind energy facility, the agreement would guarantee property value protections. The BRSA will do this when hell freezes over. 
Wind Turbine Impact Study - Author: Appraisal Group One 
Wind farms are a wonderful source of renewable energy. But have you tried living near one? As Ross Clark reports, they can seriously damage the value of your house 
Giant blades are slicing home prices. Wind turbines and Property Value – Real Life Experience 
Living with the impact of windmills 

Email automated response from the FHA regarding wind turbine siting and property appraisals

Opinion in the APP: Doubts must be resolved before turbines are built

1) APP: DEP won't cite Union Beach wind energy project for violations
2) The Independent: DEP - No violation of BRSA wind turbine permit

The APP: DEP says BRSA started work prematurely and violated state law


BRSA seeks more space for turbine blades / Attorney for Union Beach asks for moratorium on project 

Holmdel puts off decision on turbine
The Independent: Fight over wind turbine just beginning
Letter to the APP: Residents put at risk by sewerage authority
NJ Residents Oppose Wind Turbine Technology
Union Beach Residents protest sewerage authority's wind turbine - 9/19
A letter to the editor calling for Hazlet, Union Beach and Holmdel to "Recall and Replace the BRSA Commissioners."

Union Beach fails neighbors over wind turbine...A heartfelt letter to the editor of the Atlantic Highlands Herald
Union Beach Planning Board blows down BRSA plan for subdivision - 12/15/2010.

2) Stimulus Cash Flowed to Completed, Under-Way Renewable Energy Projects -

Two stories on "Soprano State" worthy shenanigans with industrial wind turbines taking place on a national scale.

1) Resident fears wind turbine will harm endangered birds
2) Construction begins for turbine; local residents call for halt
3) Keyport joins opposition to wind turbine
Three new stories from The Independent/ - 9/29
"Hitting the 127 gigawatt number could mean installing 30,000 to 50,000 of the spinning turbines along the U.S. East Coast." This is truly frightening. The Atlantic will be lost to us for decades to come, and who will remove them when they no longer work or are needed? - 9/28
R.I. regulators look into agreement for energy generated by Portsmouth turbine

Bill makes building of wind turbines on land almost impossible in New Jersey -
This story was likely a PR placement by the BRSA to try to slow down the momentum on the 2K setback bill.
APP's prelude story to the 11/10 Union Beach Planning Board meeting on the wind turbine
Wisconsin regulators vote to adopt standards allowing local governments to pay residents living near turbines.

Christie's got a Dutch treat for utility customers
Paul Mulshine's story in the August 22nd Star Ledger - A must-read!

State bill to support wind energy development | Cape May County Regional
A move to change the NJ license plate slogan from "The Garden State" to "The Turbine State" - I wish I was just kidding.

Freeholders Ask Governor Christie To Weigh In
Monmouth County Freeholders plan to ask the state to consider a moratorium.
Political group spins wind energy as waste of public funds, failure in the making
Secrecy Letter Reprehensible - After reading this, one has to ask, "Is this happening at the BRSA?"

Wind turbines are fine, but not near residences | | Asbury Park Press 
A letter to the editor by a local resident.
NJ gov signs offshore wind energy bill.
An Ill Wind (power) in New Jersey - Commentary to the above piece. 
Freeholders hear presentation on Union Beach wind turbine. 
Wind Turbines Are Coming to New York, and Not Just Offshore - Bayonne, NJ too!
University of Delaware hears public's comments on Lewes turbine. 
Sea Girt site may house a large wind turbine. The "turbining" of the Jersey Shore is starting!

BRSA suspends public comment after heated exchanges.  
Our reply to Robert Fischer's spin in the previous story about the July 19 BRSA meeting. 
Freeholders unanimously pass a resolution opposing wind turbine plan. 
Freeholders vote to oppose wind turbine | | Atlanticville 
Freeholders want study of turbine issues. 
N.J. officials say off-shore windmills will cost ratepayers from 5 to 14 billion dollars more over 20 years.  Ouch!!! 
MISTY MOUNTAIN HOP - Robert Plant protests against wind farms along with many other artists. 
Democrats Lead Fight against West Virginia Wind Farms - by James Hoare - Environment & Climate News 
Turbine granted final approval despite opposition. 
The Hazlet Environmental Commission (HEC) hosted its first educational community forum about the ecological effects of industrial wind turbines along the New Jersey coastline. 
Europe turning against wind farms - people take to the streets 
Images Surface In Turbine Collapse - Click on the link on this page to see the photos.  It can and does occur, and it could cripple the BRSA plant if it does.

BRSA Plans Wind Turbine For Union Beach.pdf
Two River Times

Keyport Yacht Club Blog
A Boater's Perspective

HORNER: The wind-energy cover-up - Washington Times 
“Spain's policies revealed to be economic and employment disasters.”

Groups urged to eliminate pollution, not windmill | | Independent 
A pro-turbine point of view

Wind turbine issue deserves deeper study | | Independent
Response to the above letter to the editor dated March 4th 

Commission continues to study wind turbine issue | | Independent 
Another response to the March 4 letter in the Independent 
Union Beach opposes plan for 380-foot-tall wind turbine 
Many Union Beach residents oppose wind turbine 
Bayshore groups warn of wind turbine effects 
Union Beach wind turbine plan gets DEP approval 
Union Beach Wind Turbine Visible from Keyport and Cliffwood Beach? 
Contract awarded for wind turbine project